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Football wedding table plans scoring high this wedding season.

Football wedding table plan

We’ve had a larger than usual amount of orders for Football wedding table plans this year. We’ve done designs for many different football clubs, from Manchester united, to Middleborough and Everton to England!

The most popular designs being the simple layout with player names for tables. We’ve been commissioned to create plans based on Subbuteo figures, images of each player for table names, or just the simple banner with players names on.

The shirt design created for Manchester United (shown below), and the bespoke table names (shown on a previous blog) cut out to the shape of a football shirt are also popular designs.

We’re happy to send samples of existing artwork on email if we have them, and we’re able to create artwork to pretty much any football club, or any sporting club, you want to use for your theme.

Manchester United wedding table plan

Chelsea wedding table plan

Liverpool wedding table plan

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